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D-Systems Plus

Personal - Professional - Proven results



The number one man made threat, according to the 2019 World Economic Forum. It pays to listen to the experts.

Critical Infrastructure Security

It is a lot more complex than that. CERT compliance. Threat assesment. Business continuity. Just to begin with.

Medical IT Systems

Design. Integration. Implementation. Teleradiology support. GDPR compliance. You name it. We deliver.

Large Scale Video Surveillence Systems

From sports stadiums to cities to country borders. All use very different technologies - with us the same perfect results: reliable video and usable analytics.

Teleradiology Systems

100.000+ studies per year. Multiple locations. CT, MRI, US, MG. 50+ doctors. One integrated system with multiple components. It just works.

Project Management

So many aspects, so many small parts to think about. When not done professionally - results will be expensive and painful.

About Us

D-Systems Plus was formed in 2013, on the foundations of another company of similar size and with overlapping ownership. This means that the actual history of the company goes back to 1998. It all started with a wish to provide professional and yet personal service to our Customers. We never wanted to become a large company – we wanted to make sure that we stay comfortable with our services even many years after they have been rendered. This means that we have always stayed honest with our Partners and made sure that whatever we do, meets their goals. We are proud of all the projects we were involved in, since there was always something new in them. There was always a chance to make something better.

Twenty one years in the consulting business is a lot of time. We have gained enormous experience in certain primary fields and have learned a lot along the road. Meanwhile we made sure that our education is on par with the ever changing world that surrounds us. In order to provide a better service to our Partners we always took the next step. Not because it was easy, but because it was hard. — We take pride in that.



U.S. Embassy Budapest, Hungary
Fleischmann Rudolf Research Institute (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University (Budapest)
Various NATO elements
Various U.S. Air Force elements
Various U.S. Marine Corps elements
Hungarian National Police Headquarters
National Directorate for Disaster Management
Municipality of Pusztazámor
Municipality of Sóskút


Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Municipal Hospital, Budapest
Jahn Ferenc Municipal Hospital, Budapest
Hetényi Géza Regional Hospital, Szolnok
Magyar Imre Regional Hospital, Ajka
Margit Medical Center, Budapest
Mediworld Plus (teleradiology)

Private sector

Westel Mobile Telecom (now T-Mobile Hungary)
Grinnell (Hungarian branch)
Polygon Hungary (Viking fire protection)
Mogyi (nuts and seeds)


Thank you and best wishes from your friends on the Speckled Trout!
412th Flight Test Squadron - Edwards AFB
Thank you for the outstanding support you provided to HMX-1 during our stay.
Marine Helicopter Squadron One - Andrews AFB